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by Peter Chamberlin

Kadyrov made some important points with his warning.  Riyad-us-Saliheen is a condensed version of the Hadith, the oral traditions of Islam; it is also the name of a suicide-bomber Wahabbi cult which plagued Chechnya in the past.
The religious literature is a 1900 verse teaching manual on Shariah Law, the second most popular Muslim book, after the Quran itself.  Its popularity suggests that in remote regions it may sometimes be considered a substitute for the Quran, which has only 6236 verses.  It may be the source of the flawed fundamentalism taught to jihadis.  There has to be a super-condensed version of a Shariah book, which is the one that is memorized by students of the suicide academies.  This could be it.
Banner of the Riyad-us-Saliheen Martyrs' Brigade, posted on Kavkaz Center's website.
The Riyad-us-Saliheen Brigade was a small force of Chechen suicide bombers who were responsible for nearly all of the major terrorist bombings and suicide missions staged in Russia and the Caucasus since 1999, including the Beslan attack.  It seems obvious that another “Islamist” death squad is truly operating in southern Russia, one capable of producing a ready “arsenal” of 20 or more reliable suicide-bombers at any given time.   If Western intelligence agencies are behind it, then it bodes ill for Chechnya and Russia, and for the American “reset” as well.  America’s “Islamist” policies are reckless in the extreme.  Reactions to revelations about that Islamist policy could prove to be just as extreme.
Kadyrov claimed that captured members of this brigade had confessed that Western specialists had given them mind-control drugs, “pills from overseas,” which had the effect of making them like robots, who “do not think.”  This is, once again, another revival of the charge that the CIA is in the wholesale business of mass-producing “Manchurian candidate,” terrorist/assassins trained to carry-out planned subversion and destabilization, only this time the reports are coming in from all over the world. 
Everywhere that you have the phenomenon of militant “Islamists” who stage Shariah-enforcing attacks, you also find reports of the use of special drugs that are being given to the soldiers to pump them up for war.
There are two streams of information which link the United States to the wave of suicide-bombing in Eurasia, the historical record of the creation of the International Islamist Front (otherwise known as “al-Qaeda”) and the clinical history of the American G.I. psychological reconditioning programs.  Between these two resources, it can be proved beyond doubt that the US military has developed a very effective mind-control science program.
All of the testimony of the captured suicide-bombers which has been cited in the previous reports reveals the careful, slow preparation which has gone into their indoctrination or “recruitment” (most of them were kidnapped off the streets).  This demonstrates the skill of the recruiters and the teachers in first identifying trainable candidates through some sort of psychological profiling and in their use of a sort of religious “logic trap” to ensnare the boys once their own meager belief systems had been compromised.  If the boys can be deceived into believing that true Islam really does call all believers to wage war against people who are identified as the enemies of God (unbelievers), then the boys really have no means of self-defense against such operators.
The terrorist leaders have all had some type of formula for creating these “zombie killers” at will.  They obviously have some hidden science or technique for turning otherwise normal children into suicidal killers with a cause to kill for, “jihad.”  It is not simply a matter of persuasion which has turned countless innocent children into mass-murderers seemingly overnight.  There is some secret method which has been made available to militant psywar operators, enabling them to suppress or erase childish thoughts and to replace them with the thoughts of psychopathic killers.
The big question has to be whether or not the bomber trainers of “al-Qaeda” were working with stolen Western science, or whether such training was given to the Mujahideen trainers in the beginning, meaning–Did the CIA teach Osama’s boys the perfected art of brainwashing?   It is obvious to me that Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and company had the American brainwashing formula.  How long they have had it is the only uncertainty.
Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri was an accomplished surgeon in Cairo, meaning that he also had some training in clinical psychology.  World renowned anti-psychiatry experts, otherwise known as “Scientologists,” insist that Zawahiri had a degree in psychology.  They also point-out that “Abu Mohamed al Amriki,” a.k.a. (Ali) Mohamed the American had a degree in psychology from the University of Alexandria, but that information originated on a DOD website.  Together, the two terrorist leaders and organizers could have administered a pilfered mind-control program, but they absolutely could not have developed a reliable working brainwashing program on their own, even if they could have somehow duplicated some of the mind-control drugs (Zawahiri’s father was a pharmacology professor at Cairo).
There is only one organization in the entire free world with the available money, the technical means and the millions of test subjects required and the expertise in “Islamist” indoctrination, to scientifically compile an information base for constructing a mind-control research program, and that is the Pentagon. 
The unpleasant and potentially harmful nature of some of the experimental procedures which needed to be tested on millions of subjects ensured that only an army could develop such a program.
The first military link between the US Army and “al-Qaeda” was provided by Ali Mohamed, the trained psychologist.  He was also a Major in the Egyptian Special Forces, in the very same squad which assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981, the murder taking place while Ali was at Ft. Bragg taking Special Forces training.  They were all members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, along with al-Zawahiri.  The Mujahideen later trained by Ali were the ones who were later sent into Bosnia and Croatia on behalf of Pres. Clinton, ferried into the former Yugoslavia by American contractors, as well as in US Army C-130s (SEE:  The Tuzla Airlift).
“Ali the American” was an American Special Forces soldier after that, still later, he worked undercover for the CIA and the FBI on undisclosed missions.  He is the man who took the US Army counter-insurgency training manuals and converted them into Arabic for “al-Qaeda.”   He used the manuals to impart to the militants the same Special Forces training which he had received at Ft. Bragg.  It is certain that Ali the Special Forces psychologist took the SERE Special Forces psychological training programs (which are used to enhance American Delta Forces and Green Berets), so why couldn’t he have passed all of this along to Zawahiri as well?

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