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A child suicide bomber captured by Pakistani authorities from Swat area [Before its take over by Pakistan army last year, Swat was a stronghold of the Pakistani Taliban].

by Peter Chamberlin

Captured suicide-bombers from Swat

In the following report, Yet Another Mosque Suicide-Bombed Near Peshawar, we read all that we can stand to read about the latest suicide-bomber to strike that embattled country. An interesting Pakistani website today asks the following question: who do you think is responsible for suicide bombings in Pakistan? It is vital to Pakistan’s survival as a self-governing state that it uncover the truth about the suicide-bomber trainers who bedevil the country.
Who really is behind the world epidemic of suicide-bombers that plague not only Pakistan, but much of the world?  If it was true that the Pakistani Army was really responsible for most of the “Islamic” suicide-bombers as some people claim, then most of the bombings would not be happening there. 
Whoever perfected the art of suicide-bomber training transplanted the science to multiple countries from a central source.
The frequency of these attacks over the past two or three years has given the Pakistani Army ample opportunity to capture dispatched bombers before they could push their doorbell buttons to Nirvana.  They recently captured a bomber training camp in Swat, giving them loads of evidence about the mind-control technicians who ran the camps and the methods that they were using to convince countless Pakistani boys to surrender their precious lives in acts of mass-murder against fellow Muslims.  Such was the power of the mind-science being deployed against the boys and through them, against all of Pakistan.
Pakistan has been more successful in suicide-bomber interception than any other Nation.
The following is an excerpt from the Pakistani press, some of it in the boys’ own words, detailing some of the brainwashing they endured in Mingora, Swat:
“His training included 16 hours a day of physical exercise and psychological indoctrination. ‘My instructor told me that martyrdom is the biggest reward of Allah,’ Murad said quietly.”
“Another boy, Abdul Wahab, 15, said that the Taliban lured him to the camp from his studies at a madrassa — Islamic school — in Mingora. ‘I was told that it was a religious duty of every Muslim to get training to fight the enemies of Islam,’
‘They are told that the Pakistani Army has become an enemy of Islam, as it is fighting for Christians and Jews,’ said a senior official involved in the interrogation of potential suicide bombers who have surrendered or been captured.
On the day of a planned attack, the designated suicide bomber is taken to a mosque to be congratulated for being chosen by God. Sometimes he is also heavily drugged before the attack.”
Another camp in Bajaur:
“When I refused, they tied me down with a rope and started beating me. Eventually I said I was ready to carry out an attack just to make them stop.”

“They came and forced me to eat a tablet. After taking the pill I couldn’t understand what was right or wrong. Whatever they said to me I would answer yes to everything and seemed justified to me. The pills made me forgetful and I stopped caring about my brothers, sisters or parents. The only thing before me was paradise and I agreed to carry out an attack for the sake of Islam.”
The next excerpt is from another suicide-bomber school busted near Karachi:
“Shah convinced him that Muslims all over the world were being subjected to brutality, and that believers were supposed to respond in kind.  “Zahir Shah said that becoming a suicide bomber was my ticket to heaven, and on the Day of Judgement, I would have nothing to worry about,” Salaam disclosed.
“He told me that each and every organ of mine will be offered in the way of God’s will, and as soon as I blow myself up, I will be in Heaven.”
There are similar reports from Somalia and Iraq:
“The people involved in training children are foreigners who speak English or Arabic and they use translators to help them,” says Colonel Abdullahi Hassan Barise.
“Some of the children had been threatened while others were brainwashed into believing that they would go to paradise if they took part in what was described as the defence of Somalia and Islam.”
“Some of the children said that a Pakistani trainer used to spike their drinks with something,”
“She insists she doesn’t know the women who gave her the vest…A policeman standing next to her could be heard saying that when she was picked up, she was initially unable to talk because she had been given drugs.”

According to a report the Chechnyan president Ramzan Kadyrov [photo: right] said, he had proof that the Islamic extremists of Chechnya have formed a group, the Riyadh-Salikhin….

“They are given some pills, and after that the object, the man is like a robot, he cannot think but only act, as ordered.” “They brought the pills from overseas [administered by] highly trained staff of Western specialists that work against Russia.”
The next report came from the actual President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov:
He claimed to have proof that that there were only between 50-70 Islamist militants in the entire country and that more than half of them were foreign mercenaries–“Azeris, Turks, Ukrainians, Georgians and Arabs.”
Kadyrov made the following specific claims (Google trans.):
“They have formed the Riyadh-Salikhin conditions….”
“They are given some pills, and after the adoption of a man is like a robot, do not think.” “They brought the pills from overseas [administered by] highly trained staff of Western specialists that work against Russia.”
To state the obvious at this point, all of the previous examples of suicide-bomber training took place in countries targeted by the United States.  That is no coincidence, since it was the CIA which perfected the original “Islamist” indoctrination program which is at the core of all these brainwashing programs.  The Mujahedeen Textbooks SEE:  A is for Allah, J is for jihad (http://wondersofpakistan.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/a-is-for-allah-j-is-for-jihad/) were the first source to provide the Wahabbi “Islamist” logic, the “logic trap,” to the boys of Afghanistan, but in the beginning, there was little need for suicide-bombers with the great abundance of  thousands of men and boys in both Pakistan and Afghanistan who were ready to lay-down their lives for God’s Holy War.

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