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Indian investigators, former Mrs. Headley and me 

George Mapp

Even though I have three Hindu manta's tattooed to my body, I was at times afraid for my safety. From my vast living experience in India, which includes living in Amma's Ashram on more than one occasion for several months, I have learned first hand that almost entirely all Indians that I have met are not tolerable to other religions. It is the exact opposite of what I expected before I actually lived in India. Therefore, anyone with any experience in these matters would understand that since I was brandished a Muslim-terrorist, living amongst mostly Hindu's and Catholics, at times I was very fearful of my life. That and the fact that several publications said that I knew Headley. Here is a quote from India Express from December 27, 2009.

“Following the trail of Headley and Outalha, investigators have found that the Moroccan national traveled to Manali in Himachal Pradesh during a 2008 trip and befriended another US couple at the hill station. While the reason for her trip to Manali is being investigated, the NIA has also questioned a US national — who lives with his wife in Goa on a tourist visa for many years — to find out details about his meeting with Outalha in Manali.”
The last example that I will mention is a look out circular that the NIA had issued at all border points and crossings as well as airports. Sajid Shapoo was nice enough to give me a copy of the circular when I sat in his office at NIA headquarters on Monday March 1, 2010, which I have retained a copy of to this day.

Wagah Border

During my meeting with Sajid Shapoo at NIA headquarters he confided in me that I was very perplexed and puzzled as to how Faiza could cross the Wagah border from India to Pakistan since she was Moroccan and not of Indian or Pakistani origin. He even asked me, “how do you think she crossed the border?”

I said, rather politely, “you do the math.” Then elaborated, “she is the ex-wife of Headley who is a blood relative of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan who both share the last name Gilani.” That's right, Headley is the half-brother of Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. I continued, “because of Headley's political connections I do not think that it would be difficult for her to cross the border. Finally I added that he is also allegedly a CIA / ISI agent according to what I read in the press.”

Today we know that to be true of Headley rather than rumors and speculation. Also, very recently the media stated that, Faiza Outalha was able to talk her way past heavily armed guards (which doesn't surprise me) into the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad when she went to drop the dime on Headley apparently after she had dumped her.

This is from the Times of India, January 3, 2010, “Another question bothering the probe agency was how Outalha entered India through Wagah border which is exclusively meant for Indian or Pakistani nationals. The woman is a Moroccan passport holder and could only use the route through special permission from the Pakistani foreign office.”

The India express reported on December 27, 2009, “In what suggests David Headley’s links with the establishment in Pakistan, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has found that his 29-year-old Moroccan girlfriend Faiza Outalha was given special permission by Pakistan to cross over to India on foot through the Wagah border and back between May and July 2008.”

Another tidbit of information which I will mention that might be embarrassing to Indian authorities, is that Faiza's original Indian visa expired. Indian authorities were surprised and amazed at the relative ease in which Faiza was able to talk her way into a two week visa extension (if asked you would be told that an extension is not possible) at police headquarters in Kullu which is about an hours drive away from Manali.

A Lover's Scorn

David Coleman Headley, was born in the United States, the son of a Pakistani diplomat and a socialite from Philadelphia’s Main Line. He confessed to surveying targets for the attacks that left 166 people dead in November 2008, made detailed claims about support from the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, according to Britain's Guardian newspaper.
I have witnessed Faiza Outalha's temper first hand. Thank goodness I was not the intended target of her verbal assault. Regardless of how Faiza really feels towards Headley, it is obvious to me by certain things that she has told me as well as by my observations, that she was definitely hurt by him. It is apparent that Headley's mistreatment of Faiza led her to so quickly and so willingly drop the dime on him.

I often ask myself, is Headley more afraid of facing the Indian authorities or the wrath of a lover scorned, most notably Faiza.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported, “In exchange for pleading guilty to the attacks, US prosecutors agreed he [Headley] would not face extradition to India or the death penalty.”
The New York Times reported, “Headley's 27-year-old Moroccan wife, Faiza Outalha, claims she even showed the U.S. embassy officials in Islamabad a photo of Headley and herself in the Taj Mahal Hotel, where they stayed twice in April and May 2007. “Hotel records confirm their stay,...”

As reported by the Times of India, “While she [Faiza] claimed that she had since been divorced as Headley was having relations with several women, the investigators also found from her about the terror suspects relations with some upcoming Bollywood actors, prominent party-hoppers of Mumbai and socialites.”

Another quote taken more recently from the same publication, "I told them, he's either a terrorist, or he's working for you," she recalled saying to American officials at the US Embassy in Islamabad. "Indirectly, they told me to get lost."

As reported by the New York Times, “I told them anything I could to get their attention,” she said of the American authorities at the embassy in Islamabad. “It was as if I was shouting, ‘This guy was a terrorist! You have to do something.”

I will end this topic with one final quote taken from The New York Times which is by far my favorite.
"I wanted him in Guantanamo," she said, recalling the time when Headley had ditched her.”

The Headley Effect

The Headley case was immensely important and the number one priority to the Indian government. In fact, the NIA was formed after and because of 26/11. So important that the Indian government was willing to drastically effect the foreign tourism business much to the dismay of those that depended and relied on the industry to earn an income.
The Hindustan Times reported on December 10, 20009, that “visa regulations for American tourists wishing to visit India may soon be changed requiring them to take a 60-day break between each exit from India and re-entry. Indian security agencies are said to have pushed for the break following revelations about the activities of David Headley, the US citizen with alleged links with the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, who was arrested in October.”

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