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Indian investigators, former Mrs. Headley and me 
George Mapp

I can confirm that this has indeed gone in to effect and affects everyone of all Nationalities even those of Indian origin. The Indian visa controls have been drastically tightened in the name of terrorism. Since I have a ten year Indian visa, before the new regulations were imposed I was simply able to leave the country for a day once every six months and then return for another six months. Because of a bi-lateral trade agreement between the U.S. and India, the Indian visa regulations for U.S. citizens are the most lenient than any other country.

Look Out Notice

When I left India on March 4, 2010, empty-handed with out the Apple mac Book Pro that is still being illegally held by the Indian government, I flew to Thailand with a free two month visa that Royal Thai Embassy was giving away in New Delhi. Ironically, the new Indian visa requirements state that you must now stay out of the country for two months which is the exact same period of time as the Thai visa's validity.

Unfortunately my departure was as eventful as my stay in India. Someone, somewhere either forgot to or did not properly remove the lookout notice. I was travelling with my girlfriend and our nearly four month old daughter when I was held up at immigration. It was a very unpleasant, stressful and eventful departure.  I immediately called Sjid Shapoo who did finally take care of the matter as all three of us were able to make our flight with special thanks to Thai air for being patient and holding the gates open specifically for the three of us.


David Headley's case is effectively the FBI's case whether the Indian authorities like it or not. The FBI, are the ones who arrested him and who are dictating to the Indian government what they can and can not do in regards to this specific case. The FBI, specifically special agent Reilly, came to my best friends house looking for me after they were tracking my bank accounts. Since I have spent several years overseas, all of my banking is done electronically. However, I had to pay for my post office box with a physical personal check because of the on-line system which was not working, at least for me. I accidentally over-drew my checking account and I was afraid that my check for the U.S. postal service might bounce (thus my post office box being shut) before I could transfer money from another account. At my request, a friend of mine deposited a small amount of cash into my account so that the check would not bounce but again it was another physical transaction.

It was just a few days after these two physical transactions in my TD bank account that the FBI surprised, shocked and scared my best friend and her family by showing up at their home and questioning them about me. I promptly called special agent Reilly and left a voice mail (it was midnight in New Jersey due to the 11 hour time difference) and said politely of course, that I was in Thailand, left him my number and said please don't bother my friends or family again. I ended the message with, or you can e-mail me since you already have my e-mail address. Sorry that is a personal joke between me and a close friend that I can not explain at this time.

Approximately six weeks later I did receive a call back in Thailand from special agent Reilly. It was quite a lengthy conversation. Unfortunately I can not discuss the details at this time. However, before the call ended I asked him because of this investigation am I on any type of no-fly list or TSA watch list of any kind. He told me in so many words, that he could not answer that question specifically but that I should expect some sort of inconvenience and questioning on arrival back in the States.  He added that once you get into the 'system' it takes awhile to get out.

I am traveling back to the country where I was born, hopefully soon, with my Russian girlfriend whose U.S. visa process has taken over eight months, along with our 10 month old daughter who is also a United States citizen. Since I am a victim in this terrorist investigation and since I do not know whether or not I am on a watch list, or no-fly list I then called special agent Reilly and expressed my concern about this uncertainty and the stress it has caused all of us. What I told him was not in these exact words, but basically I said this whole situation is bull****. I have not heard back from special agent Reilly.


Many questions and details I have intentionally left out or unanswered at this time. I do plan to answer in great deal any unanswered questions that I raised as well as fill-in the gaps. In my previous article, David Headley goes Viral: Is the FBI really that stupid?, I mentioned that I would share with readers my final correspondence with Faiza before the Mumbai attacks occurred. I have decided to save the Facebook message sent to me on 14 October 2008, shortly before the attack on Mumbai occurred on November 26, 2008 for a later time. I will say this, in a phone conversation with Sajid Shapoo, after reading Faiza's letter, he told me, “After reading this goodbye letter, I think that Faiza was actually in love with you.”
After sharing with my girlfriend what Shapoo had said to me, she told me that, “I think that he is right.”

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