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Updates [Wonders of Pakistan' Blog site] for the Month of May 2014


Dear all, 
Following is a wrap up of posts put up on Wonders of Pakistan  ( in the month of May 2014. 
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May 2014
Total # of posts this month: 22 

1.‘Now, we have a democratically elected totalitarian government’ — Arundhati Roy

2.Embrace of the Kalasha

5.Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed [2 0f 2]

6.Too Classified to Publish: Bush Nuclear Piracy Exposed [1 0f 2]

7.Institutional battles and Taja Hawaldar (گھلدےادارےتےتاجاحوالدار)

8.Maligning Jinnah

9.Is Organic Farming Sustainable? [2 of 2]

10.             Is Organic Farming Sustainable? [1 of 2]

11.             Political Mummies

12.             Do you have the right marketing tools?

13.             A Prayer for My Beautiful, Lovely Land of Thar and its People

14.             Do not Silence the Voice of Conscience. Conscience is the Voice of God within
 15.             امّاںکادلایساہیتھا
16.             A Date with Mom

17.             Land of the impure

18.             ہندوعلاقےمیںرہنےکیہمتنہیںہوتی

19.             ISI and the media

20.             ISI – A Big Failure ? Or a Symbol of Success.

21.             More Pics, More Quotes, More Jokes (2)

22.             More Pics, More Quotes, More Jokes (1)

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Plz go through content of your choice. As always I would be glad to have your brief, review or comment (or even a note of dissent).


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