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JULY 2013 Updates: Blog

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Here is a wrap up of posts put up on Wonders of Pakistan  ( for the month of July 2013. 

Since the site is still in a transitionary stage, therefore, some of the links in the site may not be working. Nevertheless, our web developer is on the job and soon all the links, and other things missing will be updated.. Your feed back in this regard will be much appreciated.

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July 2013
Total # of posts this month: 14 



1. PML-N’s Power Policy

2. Today’s Cordoba : A City of Flowers

3. Lament of Masjid-e-Qurtaba : 2

4. Lament of Seville (Andalus—Muslim Spain) :1

5. Lessons for Pakistan from Egypt of July 2nd!

6. India Terrorizes Nepal in The Name of New Constituent Assembly

7. A Few More Scenes from Village Life

8.  Exclusive: Prof. James Trevelyan on Power Options for Pakistan

9. عادت حسن منٹو: آخری سلیوٹ : II

10. عادت حسن منٹو: آخری سلیوٹ : I

11. Departure of Mohammed Morsi

12. Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer”.”

13. About Tulips [2 of 2]

14. About Tulips [1 of 2]

15. Some Context for What’s Transpiring in Pakistan 2/3

In addition to the title of each post which is linked to the post (hover your mouse over the title and click), have also given the respective URL’s. If the title doesn’t work, copy paste the URL in your search bar, and you will likewise reach the desired post.
 Plz go though content of your choice. As always I would be glad to have your brief, review or comment (or even a note of dissent).


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