Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Fake “Taliban,” Then Fake “Al Qaida”

The World of fakery: From Bush Jr. to 9/11 to Fake Mullah MansoUr

by Paul Wood

[The question that we must all now ask is: "Were the British military/spooks trying to deceive the Americans or were they performing a service for the military/CIA?"   Since there is "O" probability that the British govt. is anything more than an American "lap dog," dedicated to keeping us happy, then it becomes obvious that this latest fake "Taliban" is another American fake Taliban (SEE:      The “Legitimate Press” Almost Gets It On Afghanistan ).  
They knew that it would eventually be exposed for the idiocy that it was, but was it more than just a stalling tactic?  Was it more than just a diversion, to buy the American generals and diplomats time to open their back door into Russia's back yard?  The brilliant morons over at CIA also know that one day America's dirty hands in creating the terror war would be exposed as brutal stage-acting, even though the actors that they have chosen to do the stage-managing have mostly been Pakistanis, Brits, Turks or Israelis.  Gambits, like all the fake Taliban episodes, are often employed to just get to the next gambit or ruse, and to put-off the day when people would forget all about exposing the fake "Taliban," and begin to expose the mother of all lies, fake "al Qaida."  
Our government, with the help of all its foreign collaborators, has created the "al Qaida" terrorists and the war intended to eliminate them out of "whole cloth."  The leaders of American government are so immoral and vicious, that they would do this to their fellow man, in order to gain temporary advantage.
Whenever the truth comes out about our government's role as the greatest creator of political terrorism in all human history, and the perpetrators of the reign of agency-contracted terror which began on Sept. 11, 2001 stand exposed before the people of the world...Then the American people will be forced to act and physically remove our own fake "government," before the angry frenzied mobs of the world forcibly carry-out that task for us.] 

Karzai’s office blames British for Taliban impostor

A man described as Mullah Mansour, a senior Taliban commander is said to have been brought into sensitive meetings with the Afghan authorities.

President Hamid Karzai’s chief of staff has said British authorities brought a fake Taliban commander into sensitive meetings with the Afghan authorities.
The British embassy refused to confirm or deny the remarks, made in an interview with the Washington Post.

A man described as Mullah Mansour, a senior Taliban commander, was reportedly taken to Kabul for a meeting with President Karzai himself.

Now it is claimed he was really a Pakistani shopkeeper from Quetta.

The impersonator is said to have disappeared after hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to him for his co-operation in the process of Taliban reconciliation.

President Karzai’s office is blaming the British authorities for this debacle – telling the Washington Post the man was brought to the meeting by British diplomats.

A spokesman for the British embassy in Kabul said they did not comment on operational matters.

The Afghan government’s meetings with the Taliban – fake or otherwise – have been described as contacts rather than negotiations.

If there was indeed British involvement, the question is whether this was logistical support or something more active.

“If we are desperate to talk to the Taliban, the Taliban will think, ‘we are winning’,” said one Western official.

Full negotiations to end this conflict still seem a long way off – and the case of the Taliban impostor will not have helped matters.

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