Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do The Unthinkable!


Nayyar Hashmey

IN THE FOLLOWING POST, Dr. Haider Mehdi raises some very pertinent points. Points that concern our current economic, administrative and social malaise. He suggests also a solution to fight the malaise

His write-up is unique in concept insofar as we have lot of thinkers and analysts, who day and night discuss our problems, our ailments and crises but never do they ever venture to suggest a solution. Dr. Mehdi’s analysis is different from them; he suggests a route, a guiding path, a solution for resurrecting the nation from its hapless situation. If the people [and there is a big IF] who have power could take some time to think over what Dr. Mehdi says, perhaps some change we could see in the sad state of our state of Pakistan.
Coming to some points mentioned by Dr. Mehdi particularly when he mentions the example of a Chinese lady working in Dubai - an individualistic skilled approach of a one woman enterprise who though is not very rich but at least is a self employed, self reliant and quite happy lady with her enterprise. And this is what makes nations strong.

Its interesting that what Dr. Mehdi mentions in his post, makes me recall my own assessments of the situation that once prevailed in the Peoples Republic of China when the republic was being led by its great fathers like Mao-Zedong and Zhou Enlai. Those were the days when ideological strife between the USSR and the P.R. was at its peak. The Chinese were blaming the Soviets for having adopted the course of revisionism whereas they themselves took pride in Leninism Marxism. Majority of young folk in those days thought the Chinese as extremists and the Russians more pragmatists. But I was of the opinion that behind the Chinese extremism there is a certain rationale. They were modernizing their industries, their military and their social structure and a massive overhaul was underway in almost every sphere, every aspect of life. 

In that massive overhaul certain excesses were indeed indulged into but by and large China kept this overhaul at a swift pace. The country started asserting its role. Exit the Maoists. Enter Deng Xiaoping and his team of liberal communists. China continued on its path of industrialization, not towing the line of the Russians, not towing the line of America but a pure Chinese approach toward the great reformation of Chinese society. 

We used to read a lot of media stuff about China then, the wrongs being committed, the people suffering under Chinese Communism and a lot of the dis- and misinformation the western propaganda mills were churning out against the Chinese. But the Chinese did not blink. They continued their path, the Chinese concept of handling things. Result? From a poverty ridden economy and an opium addicted nation, China emerged finally as a power to be reckoned with. The opium addicted Chinese of yesteryears started lending money to the world’s mightiest nation on earth.

I recall again my session with a Chinese visitor I had during the days I was associated with a US multinational. The Chinese friend told me we Pakistanis made a blunder in our agricultural planning. I was surprised. What blunder? I asked. So said the Chinese guest. See you are seeking collaboration to develop your agriculture and whom do you take as your guide, your consultant. The Americans. They are highly developed in agriculture no doubt . But don’t forget, they would never want you to develop your agriculture to an extent that they have no markets to sell their products or services, that instead of their customer they should turn you  into their own competition! 

If you do wish to develop your agriculture, your industry or your general economy, you should better seek collaboration with a developing country [like China] because we too have similar problems and similar endeavors. Both of us need to develop. If we progress, so shall you. If you do, so shall we. But as far as United States is concerned, they are already too developed, so why should they be interested in your development and self reliance. A simple logic but it did carry a weight. Alas! our leaders always took US as the only source to seek light from. Light they did take but plunged this country into darkness.


US is a great county indeed. Its forefathers were the source of light that beckoned the whole world once. A man like Abraham Lincoln was one such light. I love that man, he has always been my role model ever since my childhood days. But our leaders never ever did want to emulate the man, the source of light, the source of wisdom and a political philosophy to follow. Instead they took US  bosses of the like of Bush as their models whom they obeyed and obey they did blindly. Instead of going for innovation, perseverance and a goal oriented enterprise, the hallmark of US entrepreneurship; they went for a simple solution. Make the state a tool to extract as much funds as possible to fatten the family coffers. 

Of all the leaders we had in this category, the worst case was of our former Chief Martial Law Administrator-cum-Chief Executive-cum COAS-Cum-President-cum Everything. Unfortunately Mr. Asif Ali Zardari too did prove, he is no less inferior in wandering with a begging bowl than his erstwhile predecessor and dictator Pervez Musharraf.


To come out of the abyss, we have been thrown in, the guidelines provided by Dr. Mehdi are words in earnest. Read his write up and see how correct his analysis is. Its particularly so for our policy makers who should read this first of all.


“ Shayad ke uttar jaey dill main unke yahi baat”


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