Tuesday, March 10, 2009


      They say patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.  But what can one do if scoundrels begin determining public policy?   The author of this article is supposedly a”responsible” member of the Indian society but it is clear that there is a complete loss of balance on part of “intellectuals” like this.   Whatever Pakistan’s flaws, you won’t find a professor from LUMS, IBA or GIKI writing drivel such as this.    It is, therefore, entirely possible that the outrage that was carried out in Lahore was ”revenge for Mumbai” and part of the greater game plan of de-stabilizing Pakistan as the writer of the article above suggests India must do.    

    What is worse is that if this is true, unlike Mumbai attacks which were probably carried out by non-state actors, there could be a direct link to the state and establishment of India.
     The end note by PTH to which we at Wonders of Pakistan fully subscribe to:-
    We consider ourselves patriots of Pakistan but first and foremost we are human beings, which is why we vociferously condemned the Mumbai massacre and stood in solidarity with our Indian friends.   We believe Pakistan must leave no stone unturned to catch the perpetrators of Mumbai massacre because we strongly believe that any nationalism or patriotism that blinds us to our common humanity is not  worth having or worth fighting for.  And our love for Pakistan reinforces, instead of negating, our common humanity.
    This is the reason why we started this blog and this is what keeps us going.     The outrages committed against India are not committed by us who want the same things as anyone else in the world.   They are committed by mindless terrorists who have no territorial loyalty to any nation state.    If tomorrow it turns out, and we hope and pray it doesn’t, that there was indeed an Indian connection to the violence in Lahore, we will not write articles like the one by the “responsible” Indian intellectual from IIM.   We will not call for retributions against the hapless and helpless Indian multitudes facing the same issues of poverty, backwardness and disease.   This is a promise from us to all its Indian friends and readers.
    To peace for all regardless of which side of the border you live.

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