Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Compared to websites where site owners have 100 percent commercial interest (and, therefore, entirely cater information to these commercial enterprises’ own customers, clients etc.) blogs are mostly a free lance activity.  Being individualistic in nature, they offer platform to their readers to interact with the blogger (webmaster) or other viewers on a more personal basis.
Since a blog owner’s main objective is to disseminate ideas, material or thoughts to as many people as possible, therefore every blogger wants more and more readers for his blog. On the web these days we find umpteen number of sites, blogs and search engines who promise to provide ‘secrets’ which would act like miracles and generate traffic in lakhs in a nu. However, while using their services, in most of the cases, one lands into a maze of complicated registrations, followed by a heap of reading materials, junk emails and in certain cases the blogger with its emails and its viewers is traded like a commodity.

Contrary to such ‘miracle makers’ the other day I came across a site, created by a blogger himself and I found his idea quite innovative. Each blog entered on the site is displayed in a stream flickering for a few seconds. The blog name and address is displayed on top panel while a ‘pause’ button is available too. If you want to view contents of a blog of your choice, just click on the pause button and you land directly on to the home page of the blog you wish to view /read contents of.
I tried this site ( and got a quick response. You too could try it.
Disclaimer:  This post is for information only. WOP editors do not hold any responsibility, whatsoever, if a blogger may find the results otherwise.

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