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          A few days back, I inserted a post by Ahmed Quraishi on India’s so called 9/11. (You can see more here ). I say it’s so called because what happened on 9/11 in New York was highly tragic, yet it turned into a bonanza for the neocons in the US who covertly used it as a ploy against Islam and the Muslims.

          The real cause and the master mind / s of this act, are still shrouded in mystery. Yet the Information gathered from relevant books, interviews and videos creates a lot of doubts on what has been reported in the western media. All research into this incident points to the master minds who seem to have a global agenda to control the world, but the whole blame has solely been shifted to certain extremist Muslims.

          Extremism in any form is not desirable, yet it prevails in every religion, every faith, and every society. Highly tragic though the 9/11 was, yet a certain powerful group in the corridors of power in Washington D.C. meticulously used it to bracket extremism only with Islam. With its power over the mass media, the west particularly USA succeeded to influence the public opinion there. However, there are also the voices who know the real reason of this tragic incident, the root cause of this propaganda war, and therefore, are raising their voice at every forum, every platform and above all, with the force of their pen because these men believe the pen, the human conscience and the humanity are mightier than the sword even today. One such voice is Michel Chossudovsky's.  WOP readers are familiar with writers like Eric Margolis, John Maszka, Ron Johnson and so many others who through their writings and the media are doing their best to fight out neocons’ agenda.

          I am now inserting for the first time a thought provoking, highly analytical post from Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.  Professor’s analysis enables us to find the way even in the darkest of darkness created by the western media and therefore highly relevant and a “must read” for our policymakers as well.

          61 years of independence has not delivered the ‘independence’ our leaders had then thought. From British colonialism we landed into US imperialism. In this regard both Indian as well as the successive Pakistani leaderships played into the hands of the US who fuelled differences between the two neighbors to an extent that we fought three wars, wars which brought no benefit either to the Indians or the Pakistanis. The only beneficiary was US whose war industry sold billions worth of military hardware to both India and Pakistan.

           In Pakistan’s context it's also the oil and in case of India it’s the military sales; and thirdly to install India as Asia’s policeman especially against China. But as the former Shah of Iran, also one time policeman of Asia built up by the US in this area failed miserably, so will India.

Both neighbors need to understand that they have a shared history. Instead of fighting each other, they can peacefully work together to contribute not only towards economic well being of their own people but also play a highly constructive role in the global economy as well. Prof Chossudovsky’s analysis too points out in the same direction.

Coming up next

1.                   What happened in India’s commercial capital on 26th November?
2.                   Who was behind the attacks?
3.                   “Clash of civilizations” and Mumbai attacks?  
4.                   The disinformation in the US and in Indian media. The purpose?
5.                   Is Pakistan’s military intelligence America’s Trojan horse?
6.                   Pakistan’s Chief Spy appointed by CIA?

To find answers to these questions, see next the first part of Chossudovsky’s article on these pages.


  1. There is more evidence that the Mumbai terrorists came from Pakistan than there was that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11.

    But India should not make the same mistake as the US and should show more restraint.

    Already Pakistan is falling apart as a nation. In a few years it will break up into 3 or more countries (like Yugoslavia) - a Pashtunistan, a Baluchistan, a Sind and a PakPunjab. If India takes any overt action, this would just unite the Pakistanis and delay the breakup.

    Best thing is to let the US handle the terrorists and watch Pakistan fall to pieces on its own

    In any case Pakistan has its own karma to reckon with, see

  2. It’s yet to be established who the terrorists actually were. I think none of the two countries should pre-determine the perpetrators of acts of terrorism in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan we absolve our selves of by saying it is the doing of the RAW and in India, everybody starts blaming ISI.

    But this just drags the two neighbours to indulge into non issues. Both countries have had enough of blame games, enough of wars and enough of extremists thinking on this side of the border, of assaults on the Red Fort of Delhi and those of India of doing away with the problem of Pakistan once and for all.

    The need is that both countries should work together in peace, instead of filling the coiffeurs of US war industry.

    As far as your opinion that Pakistan will break up into pieces like Yugoslavia, then dear Dave perhaps you are surmising on what the US neocons are planning and doing their best. But as we here in Pakistan do want peace and friendship especially when a duly elected set up in Pakistan is now holding the reins, President Asif Ali Zardari even speaks of some of India in every Pakistani and some of Pakistan in every Indian. Don’t you think this sentiment, this feeling should tangibly be translated into action instead of continuing a blame game, calling names and shots (what we have been doing since last 61 years) - providing necessary fuel to war hysterics which breed nothing but destruction.



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